Video: 20 Week Trough and Mid Channel Pause in Markets Worldwide

Equity Markets and EURUSD analysis

The latest video from David Hickson looks at the possible placement of the 20 week cycle trough in equity markets worldwide. After the rather clear preceding 80 day cycle, price has become volatile in a general sideways pattern. This is possibly the ‘mid channel pause’ of the 18 month cycle and the video explores this with explanations of the definitions.

The most striking thing about this pause is the fact it implies the trough in October is infact an 18 month trough after all.

In addition there is a quick look at the EURUSD pair which is possibly moving into a trough of at least 54 month magnitude. It may have occured in January but personally I feel there will be another leg down this week to complete the 80 day. By the priniciple of synchronicity, the 54 month cycle trough will also form here.

If a new low is not formed this week or early next week I will begin to think January is the large trough and look to go long at the next action signal.

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