Soybean Futures (ZS)

Soybean Futures (ZS)

Update 05/07/2015

Soybean futures continued the move up from the 40 week trough hitting and overshooting the 20 week target. It seems along with the corn future price the grains are experiencing a strong bullish influence from the large trough back in October 2014. I am flat on this instrument after taking profits at the 20 week FLD target. I will watch the shape of this first 80 day cycle – there may be a sharp retrace after this parabolic move!

ZS 08-15_daily_05_07_2015

Update 23/06/2015

The price of Soybeans in the futures market moved up impressively from the 40 week trough, likely to have occured on the 26th of May according to the below phasing. I took a ‘C’ category long trade in this instrument and it was a great trade, exceeding its target to the upside. Longs are wise in this instrument until the peak of the 20 week.

ZS 08-15_daily_23_06_2015

Update 03/06/2015

Soybeans has followed a pretty good phasing analysis using synchronised troughs. Here is the long term picture I am using at the moment: ZS 05-15_daily_07_02_2015median

This phasing indicates a 9 year cycle trough at the end of 2008 and a 54 month cycle trough in the first quarter of 2013. The 54 month VTL has been breached to the downside indicating that  a top has formed in the 9 year cycle, most probably in late May last year. The long term outlook looks bearish.  ZS 08-15_daily_03_06_2015

Moving onto the shorter term outlook there is a bullish opportunity coming up in the shape of a 40 week cycle trough, due in the next week or so. I think there is one more 20 day cycle to play out before what should be a nice pop upwards. Watch this space.

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