Live Trading Room

Join me in the live trading room as I trade various instruments throughout the working day. Usually phasing the DAX and DJIA on 1 minute basis using Sentient Trader. Totally free, of course!

Some Useful Information

If you have any requests for phasing analysis on other instruments please let me know in the chat window. I will do my best to oblige your request. If you are a beginner trading using Hurst Cycles I recommend you read the integral ‘Profit Magic for Stock Transaction Timing’ by JM Hurst, available from Amazon. This is the very basis of the spectrascopy upon which everything else is built.

A more modern look at Hurst Cycles is available with the excellent ‘Mastering Hurst Cycles Analysis’ by Christopher Grafton. This book presents the contents of Profit Magic and Hurst’s rare cycle course to the reader in an intuitive and concise manner, avoiding much of the rocket science which frightens so many!

Hurst’s seminal cycles course which was published in the 70s is very hard to find. There are a few copies floating around as PDFs and it is worth tracking down if you can. The original was a behemoth consisting of several folders, diagrams, audio tapes and more.

I will endeavour to provide some’ on the job’ Hurst Cycle tutorials if there is a lull in trading during the day. Please ask questions! I also recommend you check out all of Sentient Trader’s YouTube videos.

Please respect others in this trading room. I provide this service for free and  look forward to some great trading sessions ahead.