Hurst Cycles Webinar 14th September 2015

Webinar series starts with a bang!

The webinar series kicked off today with a excellent presentation from David Hickson. It was aimed for the most part at newbies to this style of trading but there were a few brilliant suprises at the end. From my point of view the new beta release of Sentient Trader looks to be a cracker. Amongst it’s new features, demonstrated in the webinar, are the powerful ‘composite price line’ (a composite of all projections calculated from FLDs etc) and a visual display of the spectral analysis derived from the price data.

The spectral analysis is something I requested several months ago and I am extremely pleased to see it in the new version. It should provide even greater insight into the market’s position. This kind of spectral analysis is described at the back of Hurst’s ‘Profit Magic for Transaction Timing’ in mathematical terms using band pass filters and Fourier transforms. The method underpins Sentient Trader’s analysis in the background within the current version but it will be even more useful to be able to see the oscillations in the new version.

I should have the beta version this week and hope to be able to post some new analysis on all my traded instruments complete with band pass filter outputs.

For users new to trading using Hurst Cycles the webinar introduces the concept of cycles moving through time, the ‘M’ shape and the influence of composite cycles upon that structure. The S&P 500 equity index is used to demonstrate this with simplicity.


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