About the Author


Thank you for visiting this site and your interest in one of the most powerful, but somewhat mysterious, aspects of market motion.

I am a full time trader and have been for over two years. Before trading using Hurst’s cyclic principles I used various other methods. I still use the following as secondary tools to my cyclic analysis:

  • Elliott Wave (useful as secondary evidence but somewhat objective)
  • Harmonics and Fibonacci (simplified cycles as you will discover!)
  • RSI (divergences can combine with cycle lows and highs for higher probability setups)

Nothing is ever certain in markets but there are probabilities which can give the informed trader an edge from which to profit. In my view, JM Hurst unwrapped the true motion of any market, underlying which is the sentiment of its participants. Understanding how to perform a phasing analysis and using Hurst’s tools increases the probability of being correct in your decisions by a large margin.


Before I became involved in trading and the fascinating world of markets I ran a successful internet company. Trained as a web developer and general web aficionado I decided to undertake a new challenge: learning all I could about markets.

There are many, many false trading methods and get rich quick type schemes out there when it comes to financial markets but fortunately, having been exposed to a similar industry – affiliate marketing, via the web business, I was savvy enough to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’, for the most part.

Hurst’s approach really appealed to me because it was complex but essentially elegant when understood correctly. The maths in ‘Profit Magic for Stock Transaction Timing‘ is quite foreboding but it is certainly not essential to know most of it when actually trading. Chris Grafton’s ‘Mastering Hurst Cycles Analysis‘ is an essential read for anyone studying these methods as the Hurst Cycles Course is extremely hard to get hold of. It is in the cycles course where Hurst set out the method for a visual phasing analysis – the basis for most of the charts you will see on this site and far more practical than the channel based phasing espoused in

Profit Magic‘.

Never Stop Learning

We are fortunate today to have the world’s biggest library available to us: the modern internet. I believe one should never be satisfied with knowledge learnt. Those that are hungry and open minded for new and old ideas will hopefully enjoy this site for what it is – a window onto the inner rhythms of human sentiment, crystalised in price movements.

The Hurst method is a tried and tested scientific approach to trading which has ‘stood the test of time’. The fact we still trade using Hurst’s original nominal model is testament to the robust nature of his cyclic principles, set out in the 1970s.

I currently live in the much vaunted city of Cambridge, here in the UK. Outside of trading I have interests in sport, music, politics, astronomy and quantum mechanics. If you have any questions please contact me via twitter! I look forward to hearing from you.