British Pound Sterling vs Us Dollar

GBP/USD Update 06/09/2016 One of the new features of Sentient Trader version 4 are the ‘zig zags’. I will be looking in depth at these when doing the full review of the software soon on this site. For now, GBPUSD […]

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Natural Gas Futures (NG)

Natural Gas Futures (NG) Update 05/09/2016 Update 28/02/2016 Gas found excellent resistance at the 20 week FLD and turned into an epic short. It was so bearish that the proposed 40 week cycle back in December 2015 was also breached. […]

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S&P 500 Equity Index

S&P 500 Update 28/02/2016 The S&P has traced out cycles in common with most of the global markets with the most recent low probably being of 20 week magnitude. Take a look at the phasing of the German DAX too […]

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